Swansea University Kickboxing

Kickboxng and freestyle Kung Fu

About Us

Welcome to the website for the Swansea university Kickboxing Club. Founded by Ben Price in 2010, we are in our 6th year of existence. We practice light and full contact style kickboxing alongside semi contact point stop sparring. We welcome beginners in our classes at any time in the academic year, with the goal to cater for all levels and people whether you are looking to compete, learn self defence or just get fit. Our classes are based on practical application of the techniques we teach with a key focus on fitness, discipline and fun.


University Combat League champions 2012

Sports club of the year 2016

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are fully insured with experience in kickboxing alongside other martial arts. All instructors have experience working with people with various disabilities and attempt to foster a friendly, fun atmosphere in class.
Chief Instructor Lance "Caveman" Jones

Our chief instructor Lance Jones began practising Kickboxing and Freestyle Kung Fu in 1995 and has been teaching since 2001. Lance is a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, and runs his own fitness classes, branded kickfit in the University club and in Two Dragons Martial Arts Club, our affiliate club of which he is one of the co-founders and owner. Lance has competed through his whole martial arts career and is a 3 time World champion, 2 time World silver medalist, British champion and 3 time Welsh champion. Lance has studied numerous diciplines to expand his martial arts knowledge, and achieved his 3rd Dan in kickboxing in December 2015.
Senior Instructor and head fight coach Liam "The Camp Champ" Elton

Liam Elton has been training under Lance Jones since 2004 and was his first student to grade from white to black belt. Liam began instructing in 2009 and has worked alongside Lance Jones as head fight coach and another of the co-founders of Two Dragons Martial Arts, building a formidable competition team. He has a multitude of experience in fitness for fighting and is a 2 time World champion, a 4 time British champion, an 8 time Welsh champion and is currently the I.K.B.F. Cruiserweight full contact champion.
Instructor Martin "Kato" Lee

Martin Lee began kickboxing at University in 2012, and has been training under Lance Jones since 2013. He was club president for the years 2014-15 and 2015-16. After achieving a 2.1 in Marine Biology, Martin is studying towards an MRes in Biosciences. Alongside kickboxing Martin has also studied taekwondo and has achieved the rank of blue tag. Martin achieved his brown belt in 2015 and has been instructing since 2014. Martin competes regularly and is a 2 time World silver medallist whilst competing at intermediate level, 3 time British champion and a single time Welsh champion.


Our Social Secretary aims to arrange regular socials for our members to enjoy themselves and get to know each other better. We attempt to cater for all members of the club and as such are open to suggestions for social events. We aim to arrange a number of non drinking socials over the year for those who don't drink and particularly when we have competitions or fight nights coming up. We always participate in the white tee shirt social at the start of the year (see picture below) and aim to get to playzone and lazerzone over the course of the year.

Our affiliate club

We are currently affiliated with Two Dragons Martial Arts Academy, running out of the YMCA in Swansea town centre. Lance Jones founded the club in 2011 and has built a full time, fully equipped gym, in parts, literally with his bare hands. For more information: http://www.two-dragons.com/